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Aerial photography and videography are expanding genres.  Recent technological advances in drone camera design and resolution allow for excellent images and video footage, all from a unique perspective.  Importantly, even though we can provide aerial perspectives, our foundation is photography.  Whether the photo is taken from ground level or from high above, the fundamental elements of a pleasing and effective photograph are no different.


Videography is an important part of our aerial services.  In our experience, aerial video footage captures and holds a viewer’s attention due to its uncommon perspective and the fun feeling it creates.


Our aerial abilities serve to complement and enhance our Architecture and Construction services.  We also frequently work for wedding and event photographers who want (or, increasingly, need) to offer an aerial component of a package they present to their client.


Importantly, we are experienced drone operators.  We are fully NAV Canada licensed and are properly insured.  We take our regulatory responsibilities seriously.

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